What is Cogeneration?

Also known as combined heat and power (CHP), cogeneration (cogen) is on-site production of both electricity and heat from a single gas powered engine. All cogeneration units run on natural gas, which is the cleanest fossil fuel, helping to qualify this equipment as a Green Energy Solution.

Can Cogeneration Work for You?

Are You a:

  • Hospital

  • University

  • Nursing Home

  • Health Club

  • Hotel

  • Data Center

  • Large Multi-Family Residence

Do You:

  • Use large quantities of domestic hot water for laundry, showers, heated pools or industrial processes?

  • Use hot water or steam for your heating system?

  • Spend more than $250,000 per year to meet your energy needs?


CHP Systems:

  • Integrate power and heat production into one on-site CHP system producing up to 35% savings on total energy expenditures

  • Have 80% or higher energy efficiency than utility power stations (30%)

  • Recover 25% energy lost by utility companies during electrical delivery

  • Energy efficiency exceeding 88%

CHP Cash Savings and Incentives:

  • Federal investment tax credit

  • Up to 50% state utility grant

  • Accelerated depreciation

  • Low Emission Renewable Energy Credits (LRECs)

  • Cash purchases and equipment finance options

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