About Reflective Energy Solutions

We help commercial and industrial customers make smarter energy decisions

Every day, Reflective helps companies like yours navigate the complex energy landscape to make smart, fact-based decisions around the procurement of electricity and natural gas. We also help companies with energy reduction or demand-side energy management solutions. We can do the same for you.

Local focus, national coverage: We are based in Northern NJ, with key energy experts placed in many of the states with open energy markets. This helps us keep on top of legislative changes in all markets – analyzing them to assess new opportunities for you.

Specialized for your needs: We only serve customers in the commercial and industrial space. This allows us to stay focused on your needs and not be distracted by thousands of residential customers. Result: you can depend on high-impact, highly customized service that is always up-to-date on the latest price trends, regulations and developments.

Your True Partner

We work with you on all your energy needs. From procurement to energy efficiency to renewable energy we can help assess your energy situation and goals, create a strategy and manage execution of an initiative that will save you both time and money.

The key to our success is our ability to evaluate every supplier and provider from a position of independence. Our neutrality allows us to negotiate contracts that are always in your favor.

Procurement: We thoroughly vet all energy suppliers – and maintain strong relationships only with the most reputable ones – so we can protect your interest at all times.

We also will only recommend switching suppliers if and when it would benefit you. If your business is best served by your current supplier, we will recommend you stick with them – even though we are only compensated by the supplier when you switch.

Demand-side: Delivering energy reduction solutions– including energy efficiency, renewable energy, demand response, equipment retrofits – we help you make strategic, forward-thinking decisions about how to meet your energy needs and goals.

How it Works

We are a national team with specialized expertise, catering to your unique local requirements. Each of our clients develops a partnership with a Reflective relationship manager who assesses your unique business needs and current energy plan. We then recommend the best energy strategy for you. We guide you through the entire execution process — whether that be selecting a competitive energy supplier or reducing your own energy footprint through a lighting retrofit or solar installation project.